Most of us will never set foot in the White House but it looks as if one of our beloved local products finally will, and permanently!

Sherrill Manufacturing who now is the last flatware maker in the entire U.S., has been after President Trump since he took office to consider using their silver-plated Betsy Ross patterned utensils in the White House. Sen Schumer had tried to advance this initiative as well, but it was New Hartford's Claudia Tenney who cornered the President and somehow closed the sale.

"I'll buy it, I'll buy it," Trump promised Tenney in the exchange. Then, gesturing with the index finger made famous when he fired people on reality TV, the president proclaimed, "Done!"

And the way the Sherrill Manufacturing execs pitched it to the President at the beginning of the year...

"It seems only fitting that you, your family, visiting guests and dignitaries should dine with fine flatware that is made right here in the United States of America!"

We agree, but not just in America. How about a collective fist bump to another product from CNY that gets the attention it deserves. Mic drop!



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