Try Cheetos Popcorn at Regal Cinemas. Yes! Cheetos Popcorn!

As if we needed another reason to go to the movies. Now Regal Cinemas is serving up Cheetos Popcorn, featuring Cheetos-flavored popcorn mixed with Crunchy Cheetos. Everyone is going to have to try this at least once.

We have so many questions:

  • Is butter added or a dusting of cheese?
  • What about salt?
  • What's the Cheetos to popcorn ratio?
  • Is this served hot or cold?
  • What would be the perfect beverage with this combo?
  • Do you get a wet nap and floss pick with every order?
  • Can we get Flaming Hot Cheetos popcorn?

Their press release states: “We’re excited to give moviegoers a chance to experience Cheetos in an unexpected and delicious new way through our first national theater partnership,” said Sean Mathews, director of marketing, Frito-Lay North America.

Regal Cinemas is located at Destiny USA 19 and Shoppingtown Mall 14 both in Syracuse and Great Northern Mall 10 in Clay. There are also locations in Albany, Binghamton, Clifton Park, Ithaca, Rensselaer, Buffalo and Queensbury.

Frito-Lay North America is headquartered in Purchase, NY. and is a $15 billion convenient foods business unit of PepsiCo.

Bonus Video:

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