Well, this is just about exactly what I expected to happen for the 2020 fall school year. It's a perfect example of how this idea of cramming a bunch of students, teachers, administrators, and staff into one building and just expecting everything to work out. If that's the plan this isn't a good start.

Teachers, administrators, and staff in Ballston Spa had a big meeting on Aug. 17 at the Ballston Spa High School. Once everyone got to the meeting they broke their own protocol and allowed everyone to remove their masks. They proceeded to have their meeting. Sometime later they found out that one of the people at the meeting was infected with the coronavirus...oops. Now the entire group that was at the meeting has to go into quarantine.

According to the Times Union, Ballston Spa Superintendent Ken Slentz said that they were operating under "restaurant rules." That's where you only have to wear masks when you are moving around, once seated you can take your mask off. That's completely against the school district's policy. They were also supposed to take everyone's temperature before entering the building. They didn't.

As a parent of a high school senior, it's a stressful time. I'm not so sure I want my daughter to go back into the classroom. I think until a vaccine is developed remote learning is a better option.

I think if you talk to most teachers and school administrators they would admit they don't expect in-person learning to continue for most of the year. Most believe that school will switch to an all-remote curriculum after a bunch of students and teachers test positive for the coronavirus. I hope I'm wrong, but if the meeting at Ballston Spa High School is any indication I don't have a lot of confidence for our kids to go back into the classroom this year.

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