On Sunday it was a rainy day inNew York. Looking back now I’m betting that the New York Jets were praying for lightning so the game would have been delayed. Even the Buffalo Bills are pointing at us laughing today. Yesterday’s game had to be the most pathetic performance of the Gang Green yours truly has ever witnessed. Today, I feel ashamed wearing Green. Here are your Week 4 NFL highlights of the Jets vs.San Francisco, if you want to even call them highlights. 

Going into Sunday’s game we were already losing. We marched on to the field without our best player Darrelle Revis. It’s going to be a long cold season without him. Trying to recover as a team without Revis we were shocked with more bad news, Dustin Keller was ruled out for the game after working out for team doctors on Sunday morning.

As I’ve said before, and I know I’ll say all season, one of our biggest problems is Mark Sanchez.

This was a total team disgrace to be certain, but it was Sanchez's play that really submarined the effort. This was a good game for the entire first half, as the 49ers had just a 10-0 halftime lead.  Sanchez was given the ball at midfield twice and if he could have even willed the offense to a field goal, things could have been different.

However, Sanchez played scared at first and then apathetically as the game went on.  He was careless with the ball on a critical fumble in the first half and totally blew what looked to be a well-designed screen pass right into the hands of an onrushing Patrick Willis for an interception.

Just an overall mess of a performance.”

On the first play of the fourth quarter Sanchez hooked up with Holmes for a four-yard reception, but this would cost us.  Holmes injured his foot and was in a boot with crutches after the game.  He has an MRI scheduled for today.

Holmes' injury took any effectiveness out of the offensive and left a sick feeling in everyone's stomach as it first appeared he suffered a devastating knee injury.”

So what do we have to work on going into Week 5? An easier question would be “what don’t we have to work on for Week 5?”. Defense, Offense, and Mark Sanchez.

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