Central New York is a great place to live. Do you agree? There are so many things that make this area great--art, history, schools, food...just to name a few. If you zoom in a little bit on that map of central New York, you will notice Clinton--a little village with a population of around 1,900. It's a great place to live. Here's why it's so great.

6. Schools

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Clinton High School recently made it on Newsweek's list of America's Top Schools for 2014.

5. Hamilton College

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While on the topic of schools, Hamilton College provides the Village of Clinton with much more than just classes. On the Hamilton College campus you will find Root Glen--a beautiful place to take walks and observe nature. You will also find the Wellin Museum of Art. If you like local history, Hamilton College is full of it with the birthplace of Elihu Root and the graves of Oneida Chief Skenandoah (Skenando, Skenandoa and Shenendoah are other spellings) and Samual Kirkland (the founder of the college). In addition, Hamilton College offers many concerts and lectures that are open to the public.

4. Local History

If you like local history, Clinton is full of history. For example, a president once lived in the village as a child. And The Bristol-Myers Company began in Clinton on West Park Row. For more about history that happened in Clinton, click on the picture above.

3. Location

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Clinton is perfectly located in the state of New York. It's just a few minutes away from Utica and about 45 minutes away from Syracuse. Also, if you like taking a nice Sunday drive, Clinton has amazing views from its many back roads.

2. The Village Green

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In the heart of the Village of Clinton is the Village Green. Around the green are very unique local businesses and restaurants. In the summer, there's nothing better than getting a cup of coffee from a locally-owned coffee shop and sitting on a bench in the Village Green. For a full list of all the businesses in Clinton, click here.

1. Art

I recently wrote a story about how Clinton, New York is a village of art. There are many places in Clinton that have something to do with art. Click on the photo above to go to the original story.