Today is National Pool Day. Turn off the sprinklers in the back yard and grab a towel on your way to your local municiple pool.

Let's celebrate National Pool Day. Utica and Rome pools will be open to swimming with regular hours. Hours for this season are 1pm - 5pm Monday thru Sunday. There is no charge to swim at any of the Utica city pools. However there is a 1 dollar charge for adults and kids for the Rome pools.

Utica City Pools:

Addison Miller Park in West Utica

Buckley in East Utica on Culver Ave.

Seymour in North Utica on Northern Rd.

Rome City Pools:

The Department of Parks and Rec open 5 days per week for 7 weeks in the summer, starting in late June through mid-August. Rome provides 2 full sized pools and 3 wading pools. The city pools are generally open 5 days a week for 7 weeks in the Summer, starting in late June through mid August.  Normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 12PM to 6PM.

Tosti Pool is a full size pool and is open on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5PM, and is located on 200 6th Street.  All pools along with Tosti are closed on July 4th.

Municipal Pool is located at 500 West Embargo Street. This is a full size pool.

Gryziec Field Pool on the corner of South James and Muck Road is a handicap accessible waiting pool.

Guyer Field Pool is located at 701 Laurel Street.  This pool is a fully accessible wading pool.

Steven's Field Pool, is located 740 Court Street, this pool is another handicap accessible pool.

See you at the pool.





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