Rory! I know golf is a serious game, but don't you think throwing your club in the water is a bit childish?

We tell our kids not to have temper tantrums. This is bad sportsmanship (Tee Hee). I'm just picking on him. I wonder if he will get any kind of punishment from the PGA for acting like that on national TV. It's kind of funny. .

Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages
Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

Rory macilroy is going to throw his golf club into the lake at the Cadillac Championship at Donald Trump’s Doral Blue Monster course in Florida. According to PGA Tour here is what happened.

In the second round of the 2015 World Golf Championships - Cadillac Championship, Rory McIlroy hit his 222-yard approach into the water at the par-5 8th hole, tosses his club into the water and would go on to card a bogey.


Let's take a look.

He get's very angry at himself for being human. This actually could have been a lot worse. A YouTube friend for the PGA has this to say:

 Really! It is not like he buried the head of his club two or three times into a well manicured fairway, which I have seen many times. Or maybe snapping his club in half and and badly cutting up his hand like Heinrik Stenson did a few years back.

I must agree it could have been a lot worse. Tiger Woods used to go ballistic! Rory hit one in the water the next day and pretended he was going to chuck his club in the lake again.

Donald Trump had a scuba diver go into the lake to retrieve the club he did throw in. It was than presented back to Rory. LOL. He had a good since of humor about it.

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