We know about the all Female Ghostbusters Reboot with the cast of Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate Mckinnon and Melissa McCarthy is set for July 2016. But did you hear that now there is going to be a male-oriented Ghostbusters starring Channing Tatum?


Tommaso Boddi/GettyImages
Tommaso Boddi/GettyImages

It looks to me like the beginning of the Ghostbusters Universe, which will include movie spin-offs, TV shows, merchandise and more. Ivan Reitman is producing the male driven Ghostbusters movie and has this to say.

“My primary focus will be to build the Ghostbusters into the universe it always promised it might become. The original film is beloved, as is the cast, and we hope to create films we will continue to love.”

I love the original. I'll watch the others they produce hoping that they'll be as good. I just hope a female version and a male version doesn't turn into a battle of the sexes.

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