Sometimes people do weird stuff, there's no doubt. This one might take the cake, and it happened on the shore of 7th Lake in Inlet.

William Klenotiz and his family were at camp on 7th Lake in Inlet, enjoying a little time in the water along with other campers and swimmers. William says "...I look over, this women is on the beach with shaving cream shaving her legs .... while we are swimming! Like it was no big deal!"

Now, if you've ever been swimming in a lake, you know it's a pretty safe bet that kids (and maybe even adults) are doing things that are a little grosser IN the lake, but there's something about this that just seems especially...icky. What makes someone think this is okay? On a beach? Where people are swimming? I don't even wanna see stubble and shaving cream residue in my sink, I definitely don't want to swim through it.

Is there something about being out in nature that makes people think anything is long as it's "biodegradable?"  Or is it that this just seems so intimate - and that's what makes it feel inappropriate? Or maybe you think this is perfectly okay and are wondering why we're even surprised about it.

What do you think about this? Is it weird? Is it gross? Is it perfectly fine? 

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