Its that time of the year that you need to do things that you didn't think you need too, like locking your car.

It really only takes a thief less than a minute to get in your car. You should take the extra time to make sure there are no items in plan view that could be stolen and sold on the street.

What is the safest place to put all the Christmas presents from your last Christmas shopping? In the trunk of your car until you get home.

You may think this is going overboard but you might give some serious thought to taking a break from shopping around midday, drop off presents and get something to eat before you head out again to continue your holiday shopping.

Remember to park in a well-lighted area and lock your car. Believe it or not, cars continue to be targeted by thieves.

The auto insurance center says thieves are more likely to steal items from your car rather than taking the car itself. Insurance does not cover gifts stolen from inside of the car




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