Have an extra FM radio hanging around? The Rome Humane Society is looking to offer the benefits of music to their homeless furry friends.

The Rome Humane Society is a non-profit animal shelter finding homes for thousands of homeless cats and dogs since 1956. They're trying to make homeless pets more comfortable and calm by playing music, but they need at least 5 radios. If you happen to have one you can donate please drop it off at 6247 Lamphear Road in Rome.

Music is a calming technique used in shelters nationwide. Animal shelters are loud with unfamiliar noises can be scary for animals. Stress can cause dogs to cower, bark loudly, shake or otherwise behave in ways that make them less likely to be adopted.

A story published in the Washington Post says shelter dogs hearing classical music bark less and lie down more, and show signs of relaxation. Music can calm a variety of species.

Previous studies have found that music can benefit other species, including captive elephants and dairy cows. Other research involving kenneled dogs supports the chill factor of classical and suggests they are not fans of heavy metal, which seems to induce body shaking in pooches. Shelter dogs also appear to find audiobooks soothing. [Washington Post]

If you're looking to try this at home, The Honest Kitchen offers some tried and true tunes for Fluffy:

Through a Dog’s Ear Series
-Music to Calm Your Canine Companion, Volumes 1, 2 and 3
-Driving Edition – Music to Calm Your Dog in the Car
-Music for the Canine Household
-Music to Comfort Your Elderly Canine, Volumes 1, 2 and 3
-Music to Calm Your Puppy, Volumes 1 and 2

Music Music Pets Love
-While You Are Gone (series 2004-2008)
-The Holiday Edition (While You Are Gone) (CD) (2008)

The Divinity of Dogs—Music to Calm Dogs and the People Who Love Them by George Skaroulis (CD and MP3s)

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