Legendary Who drummer Keith Moon passed away more than 35 years ago, but he's still never far from Roger Daltrey's thoughts.

Daltrey discussed the late drummer during a recent interview with Dan Rather for Rather's 'The Big Interview' telecast, admitting that he still suffers pangs of regret for his inability to prevent Moon from overdosing on an alcoholism-inhibiting drug on Sept. 7, 1978. But on the other hand, he's come to realize that Moon's infamous appetite for destruction would have made it hard for him to settle gracefully into old age anyway.

"There's something in the back of my head that tells me Keith never would have made an old man," Daltrey told Rather. "He wouldn't have wanted to be an old man. He wanted to be the world's greatest rock drummer, and he died being that."

Billboard reports that Daltrey and Rather also delved into Daltrey's favorite songs from the Who's multi-platinum catalog. And while Daltrey found it hard to choose one that tops them all, he eventually settled on 1971's 'Behind Blue Eyes.'

"The truth is, I like it all," he insisted. "What's so great about our albums, they're all particular times in our life ... what we going through at the time is very much reflected in the music. They're all different colors and different sentiments. But if I had to choose one song, it would be 'Behind Blue Eyes.' And because I just remember the day. It was the day my dog got killed. I was very, very upset, to say the least. And it comes out. You can hear it in the vocal."

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