Rock and metal go hand in hand with horror, which makes October one of the best times of year.

Plenty of big names in the rock and metal scene are horror enthusiasts, especially Rob Zombie, who's directed a bunch of his own films. Slash is another horror connoisseur who produced a movie called Nothing Left to Fear in 2013.

A decent amount of rock legends have actually been in horror movies, though, which allows us to see them in a whole different light. Not only were they acting rather than playing music, but some of them portrayed evil characters while others were brutally murdered.

Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons both had roles in 1986's Trick or Treat. Godfather of Shock-Rock Alice Cooper has been in a handful of scary films, as well. Scroll through the gallery below to see other of your favorite artists, including Corey Taylor and Marilyn Manson.

Happy spooky season from Loudwire — here are 15 rockers who've been in horror films.

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