Around the twists and turns of one upstate New York road, there have been many reported sightings of a ghostly bride. Do you dare to travel down this road?

13 Curves, also known as Cedarvale Road, in Syracuse, has been known for paranormal sightings for more than 70 years, according to the Haunted History Trail. There are a couple variations of the story of the woman who haunts the road, but they all start out with a tragic accident where two newlyweds lost control of the car on their wedding night and veered off the road, dying instantly.

According to the Haunted History Trail, many people over the years have reported seeing the woman standing on the side of the road in her wedding dress. Others have even reported seeing her in their cars, her dress stained with blood. What a terrifying thing to see on a roadtrip!

Do you dare to travel down 13 Curves and meet the bride for yourself?

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