When watching this year's Super Bowl commercials you'll see twin brothers from Rochester, New York. Dan and Eian Dougherty were surprised with Super Bowl tickets and you can see their reaction in Ticketmaster's game day ad.

1 in 5 Americans experiences ticket fraud when buying from unofficial sources. Ticketmaster invited some of those fans, including the Dougherty brothers, to share their experience. At least that's what they told them.

Dan and Eian are huge football fans. Dan roots for the Cowboys while Eian is a Steelers fan. "Our 24th birthday was in July and I bought my brother Cowboys/Steelers tickets," says Eian. But he didn't get those tickets from Ticketmaster.

When the boys got to the game they realized their tickets were fake. "I almost felt like crying honestly," says Dan.

The Dougherty twins shared their advice for other football fans. "Don't do what we did. Go right through Ticketmaster or NFL Ticket Exchange."

Before leaving, Ticketmaster surprised the brothers with Super Bowl tickets. "I've never been more excited in my life."

Enjoy the big game boys and your 15 minutes of fame in this year's Ticketmaster Super Bowl commercial.


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