It happens to just about all of us. Keep running out of room on your phone for pictures or apps? Here's a few things you can do to clear up some space.

  1. Delete apps you don't need. It pretty much goes without saying, but if you don't need the app, you can get rid of it! Any mindless games that you used to pass the time but no longer play can get off your phone.
  2. Move photos/videos to a computer or somewhere else you can save them. Do you really need 7,000 photos and videos on your phone at all times? Most phones can export your photos and videos to a computer and can be taken off your phone. Alternatively, you can use a cloud-storage system to save your photos.
  3. Delete old text messages. They can start to pile up really quickly and take up a ton of room. Clear out your texts regularly to get some extra space every once in a while.
  4. Get an SD card for your phone. Some phones have a slot that you can put an SD card into and give you an extra couple GB of space. Not all smartphones will have this slot unfortunately.
  5. Delete and reinstall apps. If you can't live without an app that you use all the time, can can delete it and re-download the app to get rid of the junk files that it produces and get some of that space back.

Don't forget to manage your storage regularly. If you know where most of your memory is going, you can pinpoint and adjust what you need and get some free space back on your phone.

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