James Doyle, a Rochester attorney is facing several charges after allegedly driving drunk on the thruway. 

State police say Doyle, 54, was arrested early Monday morning. State police say they received several calls about a car driving erratically.

A patrol car found the car parked illegally at a service area in Pembroke with Doyle slumped over the wheel. He was taken into custody and will be arraigned Tuesday, August 28, on DWI, unlawfully dealing with a child, and prostitution-related charges.”

Update: Wednesday Morning 6:46AM


The arresting trooper states in court documents that Doyle was "slumped over the steering wheel passed out." Doyle denies these allegations. He’s calling the 20 year-old woman (he had in the car at the time of his arrest) a "family friend," and he said he was using the rest stop for its proper purpose; to rest.

"There was a lateness to the hour, I did want to get a little bit of rest before I completed the journey and I stopped at the rest stop for that purpose," Doyle said in an interview with 13WHAM News on Monday.  "That is where you're supposed to stop.” Doyle denies ever driving erratically and he showed 13WHAM News a Thruway toll ticket that shows he entered the highway at 11:45 p.m. in Williamsville.  He states that this supports his timeline of being tired and stopping to rest in Pembroke.

Doyle is also denying the charges that he had a prostitute in the car. Doyle is stating that she is a “family friend”.

"This is news and news should be based on true and accurate information and this is neither true nor accurate," Doyle said of various news reports. "Absurd, this is an individual whose family I have known for a couple of years now, I know her mom, I know her dad, we've socialized with them at their home, they've been to my home," Doyle said of his relationship with Guastaferro.  "…these folks are good friends of mine, these allegations are absolutely crazy and I feel very badly for the family because unjustly and wrongly they've been pulled into this."

Now if Doyle was really resting like he claims I can understand completely. Driving while exhausted is completely dangerous. It can be viewed by Police as drunk driving when you're swerving around and have red blood shot eyes. Just the other night driving home from The State Fair I became victim to this. I started to doze off behind the wheel, but lucky for me my girlfriend was there to save the day.

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