The Rome Free Academy Acappella Choir Group, 'Fermata Nowhere' performed three songs with award winner Barry Manilow at Turning Stone Casino Event Center.

What an exciting time for RFA Acappella Choir Group. All the hard work and practicing paid off at the event center with Barry Manilow on March 18, 2016.

The “One Last Time! Tour”  with Manilow looks for local choirs and asks students to sing with them at each tour stop. They contacted RFA Acappella Choir Group to participate. After the performance, Douglas Hallenbeck, Manilow Tour Choir Director, was beyond thrilled saying " This group showed they had it. They picked it up immediately, musically, the choreography, the movement, the energy, the excitement. It was kinda perfect." He went on the say he's worked with some professional choirs, and these kids were right up there with them.

Kudos to choir teacher Michelle Rushford for being a great mentor and example for her students. It's a pleasure to watch how she inspires the RFA Acappella Choir Group 'Fermata Nowhere' and bringing out the best qualities in each pupil.

While putting this story together, we found out about another win for 'Fermata Nowhere.' They won the Singstrong 2016 HS Competition DC Area Judges' Choice Award over the weekend.

Michelle Ruthaford
Michelle Rushford

Special thanks to Carl Manganaro from Mohawk Regional Information Center for photos and video. Thank you, Kathy Stockbridge, Corri Lenaghen and Michelle Rushford for the use of photos.

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