Are you looking to rent an apartment? Maybe you are already. Hopefully, you weren't swindled into paying the multiple month's rent, it actually is illegal.

It is actually quite simple according to New York State. There is really only so much a landlord can legally ask you to pay upfront before you get into an apartment or rental property. So before putting pen to paper, make sure you know this.

In New York State the law protects the renter against certain things. Things that include first month, last month, and security deposit. It is completely normal and legal to be asked to pay a month's rent and security. Sadly many landlords are asking for all three. That isn't just wrong, but according to New York State, it also is illegal.

So what can a landlord legally ask you to pay? That is quite simple actually. One month's rent prior, and a security deposit. That is it, clear cut. This is one of those laws many people don't seem to know about, so think of this as a public service announcement of sorts.

Another thing that is well worth knowing, if the settled-upon rent happens to be let's say $1,000, then you cannot be charged any more than $1,000 for either the security or month's rent prior to moving in. New York protects you as the renter against that too.

Have you been charged all three? Hopefully, you haven't.

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