It's not easy to catch a bull. Just ask the New Yorkers who've been trying to catch one for over a week.

The 1,500 bull escaped from a farm where he was about to go to the slaughterhouse a week ago. It's been running around neighborhoods in the Long Island area ever since.

Suffolk County Police officers have been responding to 911 calls for days.

A number of people have been searching for the bull, nicknamed Barney, on foot, horseback, and bicycles from the ground. Helicopters and drones are being used to search from the air. A pen with food has been used to lure Barney. Another cow named Norma Jean couldn't even bring the bull back.

Maybe someone should call the cowboys that captured 'Norm' the bull that was on the loose in Utica for nearly four months in 2015.

Norm was so popular, the cow made national headlines, including a story in the Associated Press. It had its own Facebook page and even it's own song.

The animal was first spotted in the area of the Sangertown Square Mall on Commercial Drive in New Hartford, but it actually came from the Vernon area.

After being on the loose for more than 3 months, two real cowboys lassoed it safely to the ground. "Once the dogs found it, we had it wrangled safely in 15 minutes," said Curt Walker. "I have the best set of dogs ever owned."

Someone in Long Island should contact Walker and his dogs to help capture 'Barney.' They can contact him on his Facebook page.

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