It's fun to look back at what we were watching on TV way back when. Remember the pop music show, "Solid Gold" with weekly rock 'n roll guests and the ever-popular "Solid Gold Dancers"? Let's reminisce.

Here's a brief description of "Solid Gold", according to Wikipedia:

"Solid Gold is an American syndicated music television series that debuted on September 13, 1980. What set Solid Gold apart was a group of dancers in revealing costumes who at various points in the program performed various (and sometimes borderline risqué) dances to the top ten hits of the week.

The series ran until July 23, 1988 and was usually broadcast on Saturdays in the early evening. For the eighth and last season the program became known as Solid Gold In Concert, reflecting the addition of more live performances than had previously been featured on the program in the past."

Watch a brief portion of a special 1981 edition of "Solid Gold" featuring a star-studded array of rock 'n rollers you know:

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