The internet pranks are flying around today! One social site - reddit, has pulled a prank on the whole city of Utica, New York.

It's got to be pretty hard to prank an entire city, right?! Well, reddit found a way to do so. This is a prank anyone can check out for themselves (depending on how long they leave it up).

So here's what happened...

If you go to reddit, you won't be able to find the Utica Subreddit. It has been changed. Here's a link to the Utica, New York Subreddit (granted if you're checking this link after April 1st, it will probably take you back to the right page).

See the Utica Subreddit here.

"r/Utica" usually takes you to the Subreddit of Utica, New York. It doesn't today though. It takes you to Utica, Michigan. If you click on the first link, they left a message for everyone saying,

Please do not confuse us with our sister city of Utica, NY

...Well played, reddit.

At least it is a harmless prank (and so far, no one has gotten all bent out of shape about it).




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