It's another round of 'New York vs Michigan' - This time we're focusing on all things food. Who will win?

Archie - a native Central New Yorker, got the chance to take a trip to Michigan. It was his first time in the state, so he had a lot of learning and comparing to do. This time, we asked him all about the food choices, tastes, and we had him compare the pizza to find out which state does it better.

We asked Archie to compare the foods he had in Michigan - the burgers, fried chicken, barbecue, and everything - to what he has had in New York. Although he enjoyed Michigan's way of making these popular food items, he still says New York does it better.

Then we had to ask him a really tough question. We asked him about the pizza he got to try in Michigan. How did Michigan pizza stand up to New York pizza?
Well, when it come to chain-pizza restaurants (aka Jet's Pizza in Michigan) Archie says Michigan had the upper-hand. He explains the sauce was sweeter, different than chain-pizza places in Central New York.

How did Michigan's pizza in general, stand up against New York? Archie said there was no comparison. New York (especially Central New York), has the best pizza around, no question about it.

Archie went on to explain one thing that Michigan beat New York on...

The ranch dressing.

More specifically, ranch from Jet's Pizza.

So where does this leave the scoring for New York vs Michigan?
Between the two rounds (so far), it looks like:

New York = 4
Michigan = 1



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