We know Central New York is a beautiful and very unique area, but how does it compare to other parts of the country? We ask a Central New Yorker the differences they noticed between New York and Michigan.

It's "New York vs. Michigan" time. This time we're only comparing the roads and landscape between the two states.

We asked Archie - a native New Yorker, some of the differences he noticed between Michigan and New York. First we asked about the roads. Central New Yorkers complain about the potholes and bad roads in the area, but Archie explains they're actually a lot worse in Michigan.

Then we asked him about the landscape and scenery. This was a huge difference compared to CNY - Michigan is flat. There are no rolling hills, valleys, or mountains in the distance, just flat land and lots of farmlands.

And a common thing for Central New Yorkers to complain about - Driving 10 minutes or so to get somewhere? Well, in Michigan that was a shock for Archie, as well. To get ANYWHERE, it was about a 30 minute drive.

So who has it better when it comes to the roads and landscape? Archie lets you know in the video above.



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