A record number of bears were spotted this past weekend in Deerfield. Teddy bears that is.

To have some fun while social distancing, a 'Teddy Bear Hunt' was held in Deerfield. Hundreds of bears were on display in trees, mailboxes, windows, and more.

"Saturday was a huge success," says Dianndra Pristera, "I think this was very enjoyable for kids and parents. Maintaining social distancing while having fun!"


Dianndra said she got the idea for the 'Bear Hunt' from the director at her daughter's school, Little Lambs. She thought this would be a fun activity for the kids and the community in Deerfield. She was surprised at the number of people who wanted to be involved after she posted on the Friends and Family of Deerfield Facebook page.

I wrote a list of the streets and sent it out later than night. Saturday morning there were more people who wanted to participate in hiding the bears.

Dianndra says this type of activity gives kids something to look forward to, helps with counting skills, and opens the lines of communication.

Up next for the Deerfield Community, a socially distant community Easter Egg Hunt April 4th - April 12th.

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