Our sister station WIBX reported on a recent fight that broke out at Chuck E. Cheese's in New Hartford. How in the world can their be fights? There are many reasons to get angry at the place where a kid can be a kid.

1) Too Much Beer

Fact: Adults can enjoy beer at Chuck E. Cheese's. You're only allowed to have one cold one every half hour. If you drink too much, you can always turn into a total tool. Especially when your'e surrounded by singing mice.


2) Conflict Of Skee-Ball

Imagine enjoying your round of skee-ball when the guy in the lane next to you tosses a ball into your lane! He messed up your perfect score, and now you have no tokens left. Your first instinct is to punch the guys nose in.


3) Someone Cut Your Kid In Line

Some monster of an adult made your kid cry. Why? They cut your child in line. They also took the last bag of cotton candy. Get ready to knock someones teeth out.


4) Someone Stole Your Tickets

These things are your golden tickets to all dollar store prizes. You've spent $40 dollars so you could walk home a champion. SOMEONE STOLE YOUR TICKETS......OR....YOUR KIDS TICKETS. Get ready for the fight of your life! If you don't fight, you lose all the possible smarties you would have enjoyed.


5) Someone Spit On Your Food

If anyone ever spits on my food, they are dead to me.


6) Someone Took Your Food

You ate a few of your slices and decided to play some games with your kids. Some jerk decided to grab the tray, and walk away with all that pizza. You paid good money for that cardboard with cheese! Get ready to kick some major butt.


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