It's almost here. The best time of the year. Get ready to grill.

We thought it would be a good refresher course on how to get your grill ready for the season. Of course with a little help from the folks at ThisOld

1. Clean the inside of your grill like your life depends on it. Contrary to what you may think, trying to turn the heat up and burn off the crud really doesn't work. You just end up with black crud, that's baked on.

2. Clean the outside with soap and water. Be sure to dry and work in the direction of the finish.

3. Do not run your grill for more than 5 minutes after grilling. When the five minutes are up, clean the grates. If you choose to clean the next day ,spray down the grates with a combination of vinegar and water and let it sit.

4. Inspect your propane tank for leaks. Spray all the connections with soapy water and look for bubbles. Double check all connections and test again. You may have to replace the gas lines if you still get bubbles after you have re-checked all connections.


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