The votes have been counted. Here are the 8 CNY Craft Brews to move into round 2 for the Eagle Beer Bracket. 

  • Brewery Ommegang ~ Quadrupel Ale slipped by Nail Creek ~ Saint Patrick's Nitro Stout with 56% of the votes.
  • Good Nature Brewing ~ Good Natured Blonde kicked out the Saranac ~ Hoppy Hour Hero with 56% of the votes.
  • Brewery Ommegang ~ Abbey Ale squeaked by the Saranac ~ Pale Ale with 52% of the votes.
  • Nail Creek ~ Breakfast Stout won with 55% of the votes over the Saranac ~ Adirondack Lager.
  • Woodland Farm Brewery ~ Oatmeal Stout wins over Brewery Ommegang ~ Hennepin with 55% of the votes.
  • Nail Creek ~ Belgian Strong proved it's strength over Empire Brewing ~ White Aphro with 52% of the votes.
  • Utica Club claims the win over the Saranac ~ Legacy IPA with 54% of the votes.
  • It was Flower Power all the way for the Ithaca Brewing Company resulting in 60 % of the votes over Brewery Ommegang ~ Rare Vos.

We're down to 8 awesome Central New York craft brews. Now you have to vote for your Top 4. We’ve put no restrictions on the voting, so have at it. Vote and vote again if you’re passionate about your suds.

Voting is open until March 30th.

Bonus Video:

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