Just when you think there are no deals for boaters, the New York State canal is free for the entire year.

Construction on the Erie Canal began 100 years ago and to celebrate the bi-centennial there are no fees for boaters for the entire season

The most up to date canal boating and navigation information.

The current opening day for the canal system is May 19th through October 11th, 2017. Hours of operation are 7am to 5pm 7days a week.

The canal system information updates are on-going and  we will adjust our information as it is released to the general public.

Information Currently available on the canal system:

Tolls - Free to boaters for the entire season

Boat Rentals

Navigating the canals

Canal videos

Locks, lift bridges and guard gates

Bridge heights

Marinas and public docks

Boat launches

Lodging and camping

Heritage sites

Enjoy safe boating on the NY State Canal System in 2017

For a full list of lock and lift bridges times, go to Canal.ny.gov.







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