A specialty nutrition shop is asking for fruits and vegetables to make healthy food that will be donated to those working on the front line of the coronavirus.

Koinonia Apothecary Organic Juice Bar & Cafe in Fayetteville is asking restaurants, grocery stores, and friends to donate any produce that will be thrown out. They will use the donated food to make healthy soups and nutritious drinks and shakes that will be given to hospitals, first responders, firefighters and police, and health care workers.

Here's what is needed:

Leeks, onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, lemon, apple, parsley, cilantro, cabbage, carrot, hardy greens (spinach, kale, Bok Choy...no lettuce greens), sweet potatoes, squash, hot peppers, raw apple cider vinegar, chicken, quinoa, Takeout soup bowls, canned coconut milk, celery, potatoes, (we prefer fresh on the squash and sweet potatoes but can use canned as well). Any other produce we could still do some magic with as well;)

According to the Koinonia Apothecary Organic Juice Bar & Cafe Facebook page:

Help spread the word to all emergency service personnel that are on the front lines - hospitals, police departments, ambulance services, fire departments, nursing homes... we are offering free soups, juices, tonics and coffee to these courageous service men and women. They can text us direct at 315-729-7845 to schedule pick-up & delivery. And a special thank you to Andy’s Produce, @freedomofespresso and @the_empire_plate for donating produce and time to help make this possible. Other restaurants are jumping on board this week to expand our outreach. #allonefamily#togetherwearestronger#foodismedicine @ Koinonia Apothecary-Organic Juice Bar, Cafe & Specialty Nutrition Shop

If you have any contacts or can help yourself, please do! This is a great way to make a difference.

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