After all the store closings announced for Sangertown Square Mall in 2015, new announcements are bringing positive change with 2016. 

Joseph Castaldo, director of Shopping Center Management, Pyramid Management Group tells WKTV:

You can't control when national tenants have been around forever, or years and years," he said. "Wet Seal, Deb Shop, Radio Shack they go chapter 11 [bankruptcy] that tells you something is A) with the economy, B) with the store, not necessarily with the mall. It's not reflective of the mall, it's reflective of what's going on with the tenant."


But new stores are on the way, including Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, which will be located in the former Sears wing, although a timeline has not been set just yet. An indoor playground called Billy Beez will open in the Target wing and Francesca's, a contemporary women's clothing and accessories boutique, will also come to the mall in 2016. There are plans to expand Footlocker, but Castaldo wouldn't comment on the new size or location

This is good news after the latest announcement of Gap and Matthew’s Hallmark closing January 26th.