One pilot was on his way home from vacationing and normally flies over his house on his way to the airport, but this time he saw something he didn't expect! Nothing like seeing a strange vehicle in your driveway when you're flying over, so what do you do?

Well this guy flew even lower and even witnessed the thief looking in windows and trying doorknobs. So he tried to scare him off by buzzing overhead letting him know that he'd been seen, but the thief hitched up the pilot's trailer and just took off with it! Since there were eyes in the sky, it didn't take long to nab the thief and thankfully the pilot didn't try to land on the road to thwart the robbery because the perp had loaded rifles and a handgun in his truck.

So, a word to would-be thieves don't forget to look up to see if the coast is clear as well as side-to-side. We'll be watching!

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