Every parent has bought a Pedialyte product at some point, usually in-between your child's bouts of digestive illness.

But a lot of us have snaked some of our kids' Pedialyte after a night of some cocktails because the only thing worse than a hangover is a hangover with children around.

Pedialyte fully embraces its adult audience, and has introduced two new flavors that aren't targeted toward the under 5-years-old crowd, 'Sparkling Rush' powder packs in grape and cherry flavors.

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WIVB reports, "While FDA regulations prevent Pedialyte from marketing its product as a hangover cure, the brand fully embraces its binge-drinking-headache alleviating properties."

The company's website says, "It can help with the dehydration you may experience after a couple of cocktails. So rehydrate with Pedialyte to feel better fast."

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