Taco Bell wants you to live mas for less.

Taco Bell will be nearly tripling its dollar menu in the new year. According to WHNT, Taco Bell is adding 21 items to its dollar menu. Currently, the dollar menu has 8 items. Some of the items will even be available in 2019.

WHNT reports that the Double-stacked tacos will be available in three flavors on the dollar menu. The double-stacked tacos will be available on Thursday, December 26 for a limited time. The flavors they are available in are nacho crunch, chipotle cheddar, and reaper ranch. This is what the dollar menu will look like in 2020:

  1. Double Stacked Taco, Nacho Crunch
  2. Double Stacked Taco, Chipotle Cheddar
  3. Double Stacked Taco=, Reaper Ranch
  4. Beefy Fritos Burrito
  5. Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito
  6. Shredded Chicken Quesadilla Melt
  7. Cheesy Roll-Up
  8. Cinnamon Twists
  9. Spicy Potato Soft Taco
  10. Spicy Tostada
  11. Triple Layer Nachos
  12. Cinnabon Delights 2 pack
  13. Grilled Breakfast Burrito, Sausage
  14. Grilled Breakfast Burrito, Bacon
  15. Grilled Breakfast Burrito Fiesta Potato
  16. Breakfast Soft Taco, Sausage
  17. Breakfast Soft Taco, Bacon
  18. Sausage Flatbread Quesadilla
  19. Hash Brown
  20. Mini Skillet Bowl
  21. Mountain Dew Kickstart

Taco Bell has locations throughout CNY.

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