Members of the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office and the Moyers Corners Fire Department are local heroes for one dog in the Town of Clay. Both teams responded to the NYS Wildlife Management Area for an ice rescue call involving a dog, and were successful.

As emergency crews arrived on scene, they spoke with the dog’s owner, Dan Lacy of Liverpool, who stated that he and his pet dog “Jet” were out rabbit hunting when the 2 year old Beagle spotted a deer and gave chase. Luckily the dog was wearing a GPS device, which assisted in locating him, the only problem, the dog was several miles into the marshy area and the device showed stationary.

Additional resources were called into the scene to include DEC and Forest Rangers. After crews made their way through the wall of cattails and knee to waist deep water, the dog was rescued and reunited with its owner. As of now, the dog is completely safe.



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