Sounds pretty easy with all the restaurants we have in Utica. So, if we were in say NYC the question might be a heck of a lot easier considering how many really great places there are to eat especially with just one night in town.

However, we are not in NYC we are in Utica New York and that narrows the choice somewhat. Do you pick one Italian or the all American Steak? Remember this is not a Mondy night or you might have to drive to Syracuse.

Trying to pick just one is not as easy and it sounds. How about a restaurant with a view, like Ocean Blue. How about Taylor and the cook a local restaurant with national recognition.

Some of the best Italian food you will ever eat can be found right here in Utica, how about Chesterfield's they've been around since the 40's.

Pasta and Broccoli come to mind, oh, and cold stuffed chicken just out of this world and the greens, yup my choice for just one night and I'm hungry is Georgios. How about you? Only one night in Utica where would you eat.



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