"Junk Be Gone", an Oneonta business was that started back in 2008 by an Army veteran and does the job of removing just about anything from people's properties, has sent out quite an unexpected message to thieves in the area who have been going around stealing gas out of people's vehicle tanks, catalytic converters and other car parts, with the intention of reselling those parts for quick cash.

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How desperate do you have to be to do something like that? The owner of Junk Be Gone thinks a person would really have to be down on their luck to do something like that and has apparently been in contact with a lot of the victims of these thefts. Most would respond with anger but there's nothing but compassion in the business owner's message to those committing these types of crimes. Check it out for yourself below in a Facebook post that Junk Be Gone put up Wednesday...

If you ask me, that open letter to those committing these types of crimes is inspirational and provides a much-needed different and compassionate viewpoint that so many could use right now! I applaud them and hope they get some people who've had a hard time, taking them up on their offer of a job. Attitudes like this, from those working at Junk Be Gone, are just what our community needs right now to make things better.

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