Oneida County is considered a Substantial Level of Community Transmission for COVID-19.

The county positivity rate is averaging 3.2 percent on a seven-day average, a nearly two percent increase over the past eight days.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has now identified Oneida County as being a community with a substantial risk level of transmission of the virus.

The CDC is recommending that in communities with substantial risk, everyone, including fully vaccinated individuals wear masks indoors while in public.

They're also recommending that communities with substantial risk implement additional mitigation strategies.

However, Oneida County is not instituting any community wide mandates related to the CDC recommendations at this time.

The county says they remain federal recommendations.

Vaccination is the answer to stopping the spread of this virus. “Our community has worked hard over the last 17 months to fight this virus. We have all made sacrifices to help protect ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbors. We now have the key to ending this once and for all, the vaccine. We need those who are unvaccinated and have been hesitant to get their vaccine immediately.” stated Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente, “If you’re not already vaccinated, make an appointment today”. 62.1% of this community who are over the age of 12, have received their first dose of a vaccine.

All unvaccinated people should get vaccinated to not only protect yourself, but your family and loved ones. Vaccines are readily available throughout Oneida County. Until you are fully vaccinated, you should continue to wear masks and keep 6 ft. distance when in public.

Appointments can be made at

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