This isn't a question out of fear, this is a question because these crickets look a little bit different than the norm.

They literally seem to be all over the place over the last few weeks. They have been spotted in Oriskany, Marcy, and New York Mills. It would be easy to imagine they are in all the places in between. They are bigger than a normal cricket. They look different than a normal cricket. They also seem to have some sort of super clinging ability too.

Aren't you used to approaching a cricket and seeming them jump four feet away from you at a moment's notice? Not these bad boys, they almost seem as if they adore the attention and will stick around for a while giving you time to snap the perfect picture. Back to that clinging ability though, the one in the picture above stuck on a car and took a ride from Oriskany to New York Mills. That was on 840 and in a 55 mph zone, how could it have actually stayed stuck?

There also have been a few spotted outside the radio station's building here in Marcy too. What makes them a little different is the coloration they have on their body and wings. Black and white spots all over. Have you spotted one of these strange-looking insects around Central New York at all? Maybe you can help us then. What are they actually called? After hours of research, nothing has come up about them.

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