For the 21st day in a row, Oneida County health officials reported a COVID-19 death involving a county resident. Wednesday's update included news of two virus deaths, and nearly 300 new cases.

That sad streak dates back to November 25th. Since then, the county has reported at least one virus related death each day. Thirty-seven county residents have over that time, while a total of 180 have died since March.

The county also reported a whopping 274 new positive cases on Wednesday. While not a record day for the county, the new cases did push the county's active case total to a new height (setting a new record for active cases for the 23rd day in a row), now eclipsing 4,000 and registering at 4,212. In addition to the 42-hundre active cases, the county reports another 2,500 who are quarantined because they are possibly infected, or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive.

Hospitalizations were up a tick to 136. Of those, 121 are being cared for in Oneida County hospitals and 15 are in facilities outside the county. Eighteen patients are in the ICU, officials said.

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Herkimer County also reached a new high for active cases in it's report on Wednesday. The 33 new cases announced moved the county's active case total up to 527.

The county reported no new deaths. There are currently twelve Herkimer County residents hospitalized for treatment of COVID-19.


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