Just a year ago over 200 cities across North America submitted bids to the online retail giant, each hoping the company would select them for the location of its new HQ2.

The smoke has cleared somewhat and the oddsmakers using a betting website have ranked the most likely bids according to oddsmakers predictions, and Rochester rests firmly in the top 10 with 16-1 odds that it will succeed in attracting the company.

Rochester has done a very good job of positioning itself tied with much larger cities like Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia. They have actually outranked contenders like Miami, Los Angeles, and Vancouver.

Other New York cities that have made pitches to Amazon are Syracuse, Utica, Albany, and Buffalo.

The bottom line here is a lot of money is hanging in the balance for New York State cities. Whichever city is selected could see an influx of as many as  50,000 high paying jobs.

Greater Rochester Enterprise is overseeing the city's bid and CEO Matt Hurlbutt says "the ranking makes them optimistic."

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