Sure people love to talk about Christmas in July.

But what about October?

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Amazon has created their own shopping holiday. You may have heard of it. It is called Prime Big Deal Days.

For the conscientious New yorker looking to score a bargain. Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days are October 10-11 and is available to Amazon Prime subscribers only. There are some strategies we can share on how you might possibly get the best deals.

1.You Don't Have to Be a Prime Member

But I just said it was only available to Prime subscribers. Like, I literally just wrote that a few lines up. And that was no lie. However, if you are not currently a Prime member, Amazon does have a 30-Day free trial. You could easily sign up for that if the lure of free 2-day shipping and a whole lot of content hasn't already gotten you to give in. You can participate on the good deals and catch up on The Boys.

2.If you have been eyeing an Amazon product, now is the time to pick it up.

Before the official Prime day launch, many items have been going on sale at random times. However, if you have been thinking about getting yourself an Amazon Echo, or a Fore TV, those items are already on sale and may be at the price you have been waiting for. In the lead up to Prime Day, Amazon places almost all of their exclusive items on sale first. Hey Alexa, order me that 55-Inch Fire TV I have been drooling over.

3.Refresh Often

Deals come and go on Prime Day. Amazon's main page will have a Prime day landing page which can be broken down by category. Sometimes, things sell out almost as quickly as they go on sale. If you are looking for something in particular, stay ahead of the game by hitting that landing page and previewing what is to come.

Good luck New Yorkers. I hope you get everything on your wish list from Santa Bezos, and your wallet.

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