Patricia DeMinico from Rome performed a random act of kindness and received a pleasant surprise 20 minutes later. 

Patricia DeMinico, who lives in Rome, noticed a young man in a suit changing a flat tire in front of her house. She immediately thought, 'that's someone's son,' and brought him a cup of hot chocolate. The young man was so surprised he said 'what?' Patricia had to tell him again 'yes, this hot chocolate is for you.' The young man finished changing his tire and came back to her house 20 minutes later. She opened the door and there he stood with a dozen roses. She was flabbergasted. Turns out his name is Loyd, and Patricia's Facebook post says it all.


Young man changing flat tire in front of my house. Took him a hot chocolate .Short time later he brought me a dozen roses to thank me for the hot chocolate ! Wow ...his mom raised an amazing young man <3

Posted by Patricia J DeMinico on Thursday, January 7, 2016

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