It was a big night for Western New York on the NBC singing competition "The Voice"

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Not only did Amherst native Cami Clune get all four coaches [WATCH HERE] to turn around and got to select John Legend to work with, but we also found out a secret about Kelly Clarkson that happened here in the Queen City.

During her turn to try and convince Cami to choose her, Kelly Clarkson revealed that she got her first-ever tattoo right here in Buffalo. Check out the video.

No word on what the tattoo was, but according to, Clarkson has 14 total tattoos.

1.  Sunflower on her Left Ankle

Tattoo: Sunflower

Meaning: Kelly has inked a cute sunflower on her right ankle.

2. Outline of Texas on her Lower Waist

Tattoo: Outline of Texas

Meaning: Kelly has tattooed the outline of Texas on her lower belly. She was born in Fort Worth, Texas. She expressed her love and liking towards her hometown through this tattoo.

3. Cross on her Right Wrist

Tattoo: Cross

Meaning: Kelly has inked a tiny cross on her right wrist.

4. The Phrase “Love Them More” on Right Wrist

Tattoo: Love Them More

Meaning: Kelly has inked the phrase “Love Them More” beside her Cross tattoo.

5. Heart with Three Ribbons on her Left Wrist

Tattoo: Heart with Three Ribbons

Meaning: Kelly has inked her left wrist with a tiny red heart and three ribbons those are attached to the tail of the heart.

6. Crescent Moon behind her Right Ear

Tattoo: Crescent Moon

Meaning: Kelly has inked a tiny crescent moon behind her right ear.

7. Snowflake behind her Left Ear

Tattoo: Snowflake

Meaning: Kelly has tattooed a snowflake behind her left ear.

8. Japanese Symbol on the back of her Neck

Tattoo: Kanji Symbol

Meaning: Kelly has inked a KANJI symbol at the backside of her neck which means “Blessed.”

9. Missing Puzzle on her Back

Tattoo: Missing puzzle

Meaning: Kelly has inked the backside of her right shoulder with an exciting puzzle tattoo. Inside the puzzle piece is this little tornado with a golden brick road and a hot air balloon, a kind of Wizard of Oz theme. In her one of the concert after flashing the tattoo to the audience, she said, “There’s a story behind it, but it’s like a puzzle piece like I’m made of a puzzle and they took a piece off and you can see inside.” She continued, “I’m not gonna tell you what’s inside cause then you’re probably gonna say I need therapy or something… which I probably do.”

10. Tattoo in a Morse code on her Left Rib Cage

Tattoo: A phrase “What doesn’t kill you” in a Morse code

Meaning: Kelly has inked the phrase What doesn’t kill you on the left side of her Rib.

11. Four-leaf Clover Tattoo on her Hand

Tattoo: Flower with four clove leaf

Meaning: Kelly has inked a four-leaf clover tattoo on her hand.

12. Kite Tattoo on her Left Wrist

Tattoo: Kite

Meaning: Kelly has inked a Kite tattoo which is an addition to a previous tattoo of a heart and three ribbons on her left wrist.

13. “Nothando” on her Left Foot

Tattoo: “Nothando”

Meaning: Kelly has tattooed NOTHANDO which means “She loved us” on her Left Foot.

14. Undefined tattoo on the finger of her left hand

Tattoo: Undefined Letters inside of fingers of the left wrist

Meaning: Kelly has an undefined and mysterious tattoo inside her left hand’s finger. The tattoo is not visible clearly, but the letters might be “SP.”



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