Moriah Formica has been making some serious noise in the rock world for the last couple of weeks with the announcement of her new band PLUSH and the teaser of their new single "Hate".

Actually, I should rephrase that Moriah Formica has been making some serious noise in the rock world since stepping on stage and competing on NBC’s The Voice. Miley Cyrus referred to her as a "Rock Goddess." She didn't win, but she made quite an impression and not just here in the Capital Region, but around the country. Her stint on "The Voice" opened the door for her opening up for Joan Jett as well as Halestorm.

Now, she's formed a band called PLUSH with a group of under 21 women that know how to rock. I've seen several articles about this new all-girl group and like one writer in V13 said, "Of all the components that make Plush a potential contender, the least compelling is gender. " So far, the reviews have been really positive and people in the music industry seem to be very interested to see what the future holds for this band.

The Plush line-up includes vocalist/guitarist Moriah Formica, drummer Brooke Colucci, lead guitarist Bella Perron, and bassist Ashley Suppa.

Here's a sneak peek at their new single "Hate" that drops on February 9th.

I had the opportunity to catch up with the 2018 Shaker High School grad, Moriah Formica by Zoom for a quick interview. We talked about how the band came together, how the Heart "Barracuda" cover that she and Brook C did really became the piece that got her management and a recording deal. We also talked about her getting to open for and meet Joan Jett.

My favorite part of the interview though is when I asked Moriah about the first time she performed in front of people. She smiled and told the story of her being volunteered by her brother to play guitar for a 5th grade, elementary school performance of "Eye of the Tiger". She said that was the moment that hooked her and made her want to play guitar and sing on stage.

Just in-case you missed Moriah and Brook's cover of Heart's "Barracuda" here it is.

For more information on the band, PLUSH check out their website and Facebook page.

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