Now, before you get all excited, it's not THAT kind of wet T-shirt contest! We're in the middle of a bitter cold snap in Utica and while some are throwing boiling water into the air (or with Super Soakers) watching it instantly turn into powdered snow, we have to do things just a tad differently and in Oldiez 96 style... Watch!



Oops! It was really the 7th of January, not the 6th and we probably should've stayed out there the whole time but the videographer was worried he was losing juice on the camera (or maybe he was just freezing!) Also, I wonder if the results would've been different if we'd used COLD water instead and didn't try to keep the shirt from sticking to itself. Next time we might even 'encourage' a volunteer to stand IN the shirt! After all, it's only a couple of minutes, right?!?


Keith With Frozen Wet T Shirt
Phil Nye/TSM


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