For the past few weeks, 96.1 The Eagle has been asking you for Central New York's Cutest Pets. We are proud to announce our eight winners. 

We've teamed up with the Red Roof Inn and each of our winners will receive a free overnight stay from the Red Roof, for any where in the U.S. Here's our eight winners:

1) David Lynch's Families Crazy Little Dog

Photo via David Lynch


2) Kerri Smith's Diamond Shiloh Calliegh Smith

Photo via Kerri Ann Smith


3) Lovey Dovey listens to 96.1 while chilling on his back!

Photo via Andrea Amrhein


4) Christine Mathers's Cute Cat

Photo via Christine Mathers


5) Nora Lamica's Cute Pup

Photo via Nora Lamica


6) Ms. Molly

Photo via Zach Wilson


7) Dell Allen's Cat

Photo via Dell Allen


8) Meet Louie

Photo via Dawn Kortright