Here's the perfect reason you need to check your receipts all the time and especially during the holidays.

I was out in the trenches with you this weekend. The traffic was crazy, the check out lines were long, but I smiled through it all because I was shopping for The Perfect Gift to help the Utica Rescue Mission.

My first stop was at Five Below in Consumer Square. Did you by any chance stop there? I had a full basket/cart thing that I was rolling around. The store was pretty busy but felt like I accomplished a lot. I went to stand in line, and it was long. Very very long, extremely long. Nope, turns out I accomplished nothing. I left.

Next stop was at Walmart to start ticking off the items on my list. I thought the gloves were a little pricey, but hey, everyone needs warm hands, so I went with it and bought them. At the end of my day, I started to pack up the gifts for the Utica Rescue Mission, and of all my receipts the Walmart one was on top. The $18.00 items caught my eye. I'm like hmmm what did I buy for $18.00? Well, turns out the gloves marked as $16.47 rung up as $18.00.

cindy mcmullen/tsm
cindy mcmullen/tsm

I know I know it's only a couple of bucks, but it's the whole premise of trusting you're being charged the right amount. We wouldn't have a problem if it rang up less now, would we? Nope, not at all. This time of year money is tight for everyone, and another possible way to save is checking your receipt. Has this ever happened to you?

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