New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that no one in the state can be evicted for not paying rent due to the coronavirus until August 20.

The moratorium, which was set to expire June 20th, will now remain in effect until August 20th reports NY Daily News. Cuomo also said officials will ban any late-payment fees and allow renters to use their security deposits as payment.


Cuomo also reports that New York State is working on relief from banks for landlords. The governor did not go as far as to cancel rent outright.

“What’s going to happen on Aug. 20? I can’t tell you,” he said. “Whatever happens, we’ll handle it.”

#RentZero and #RentRelief have been trending on social media. What are they being used for? They are trying to urge President Donald Trump, and local politicians, to take more action to protect renters.

USA Today reports that The National Apartment Association says the eviction moratoriums included in the federal stimulus package should have made clear that only people hurt by coronavirus should be protected by the government.

"What should be a limited protective step is expanded to those who have not been financially impacted by the pandemic," the association said in a statement. "This is already creating an expectation that unaffected renters do not have to meet their lease obligations."


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Other COVID-19 Rent Relief Tips

1) The National Apartment Association (NAA) reminds all renters who have suffered financial distress as a result of COVID-19 to reach out to their landlords to explain their circumstance.


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