While the Coronavirus pandemic hit New York State nursing homes, The Grand Healthcare System facilities did all they could to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents and staff.

The Grand cared for thousands of residents during the pandemic. At the outset of and during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Grand purchased and secured sufficient PPE early on, and continuously throughout the pandemic.

“We tried to be ahead of the curve by purchasing hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of PPE early on and continued all the way through until today. We did whatever necessary to keep our staff and residents safe” says Jeremy B. Strauss, CEO of The Grand Healthcare System.

“It was the single most difficult and harrowing experiences of my professional life. Only due to the tireless hard work and heroic efforts of our most unbelievable team are we able to overcome this dreadful virus”, says Mr. Strauss.

Unfortunately, some did lose their lives. The team at the Grand mourns and sympathizes with all those who lost a loved one to the disease.

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Over 81% of all COVID-19 infected residents have recovered under The Grand integrative care system. Furthermore, The Grand boasts a huge number of residents who have successfully been discharged and sent home in good health.

“We currently perform routine, COVID-19 testing in all our facilities and every employee is tested on a weekly basis and questioned daily per shift for symptoms, fever etc”.

The Grand also installed tablet computers that can scan body temperature, and they have proper mask placement at each front door. They are also still stockpiling PPE and continuing to provide care to residents.

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